If you’re looking to explore Magic Aadhaar, this guide will help you learn more about the product and its features.

Magic Aadhaar is the most secure way of masking your customers’ Aadhaar data. This AI processing solution also lets you identify, extract and validate Aadhaar details so that your company is in compliance with the regulatory guidelines regarding usage and storage of Aadhaar data.

Any organization that has to maintain people’s Aadhaar data in line with the regulations laid out by the regulatory bodies requires the assistance of Magic Aadhaar. It can expedite customer Onboarding too.

Magic Aadhaar is powered by AI, which makes it highly accurate, efficient and future-ready.

You can register on our website and we will reach out to you. Alternatively, you may directly reach out to our Sales Team on magicaadhaar@intellectdesign.com.

Booking a demo of the product will allow a subject matter expert to demonstrate the features of Magic Aadhaar to you. For a more hands-on experience, you can click on the "Try The Magic" tab on our website and experience the solution for yourself.

Magic Aadhaar doesn't store any Aadhaar data in its data stores. We purge the data once the processing is complete, only keeping the data required for reporting needs, for a brief period of time. While in transit, the data is encrypted and is always hosted in India.
Intellect and its operations centers are SOC 2 compliant and ISO 27001:2013 certified.

Yes, Magic Aadhaar’s contextual feature allows it to easily identify and mask Aadhaar numbers on documents, application forms, etc.

This depends on the nature of integration you are looking for. We can help you understand the end-to-end use case and provide an estimate based on your needs. Generally, Out Of The Box usage is instant and should be ready in about 3 days. Custom Forms may take between 7 to 15 days.

This depends on the nature of usage. Although we charge per page, we also offer customizable and flexible pricing based on your volume of business and requirements.

Please reach out to us at magicaadhaar@intellectdesign.com and we will be happy to address any queries you may have.